Free champions for League of Legends?

Yes indeed, there are multiple options available.

So let’s start with the first one:

Free to Play Champion Rotation

Every Tuesday  there are 14 new so-called ‘free to play champions’. Free to play champions are mainly for new players because they get the opportunity to play new champions without purchasing them. When I started playing League I used this to find new interesting champions and to test different champion classes. It’s the best option to test various champions and probalby most players bought one of their first champions based on the free to play champions. But obviously you don’t own the champions do let’s get to the next option.

Following Riot on Social Media

This will not only give you free champions but also free skins.

By liking Riot’s facebook page you can unlock Tristanta + Riot Girl Tristana. You just have to click on the following link .Confirm your submission and you will receive a code which you can redeem in the League of Legends Shop. That was easy, wasn’t it ?

So let’s get another easy champion + skin. Basically the same procedure, follow @loleu on Twitter  and visit the this website click on the button, link your Twitter account and you got yourself a code for Garen and Dreadknight Garen, which you can redeem in the shop.

The last free champions for liking Riot’s social media is Alistar plus the Unchained Alistar Skin. Unfortunatly this one is a bit more complicated. Instead of just subscribing to the Riot Games YouTube channel and clicking on a button, you have to open a support ticket. So just go to the official League of Legends page and submit a support ticket with a heading like ‘Alistar Skin’ or something along those lines. Don’t forget to add your Username, this step is essential as the bot automatically unlocks the skin on your account. Add some text like ‘I subscribed to your YouTube channel and would like to receive the free Alistar skin.’ A bot will answer telling you that you received the skin. As previously mentioned you don’t receive a code. Just wait some time and refresh your champions tab. After a short time you will be able to see the Skin and champion.

Loot Capsules

The last way to unlock free champions is via Riot’s loot system. If you want to learn more about loot capsules and the new leveling system you should read our ‘Season 8 Leveling’ Blog post on this topic. But it comes down to the following. When leveling you don’t receive Blue Essence or IP anymore. Instead you receive champion capsules that contain random champions shards. You can either activate them for 7 days to test them, disenchant them to get Blue Essence or upgrade them with Blue Essence in order to unlock them permanentely. The nice thing about those capsules is that you can also receive them for being honorable or for quests and events.


All of those various ways make it possible for new players to experiment. But not only new players benfit, people using smurfs can save BE by obtaining free champs. And you only need to follow Riot’s social media accounts. So I can only recommend you to try it the next time you buy a smurf.

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